About Jeremy:

Jeremy Ray Cummings was born July 19'th, 1992 in Sheffield, Alabama. Jeremy has been very open and honest about his personal life when he started the "Cummings is Culture" podcast in September of 2020. He was raised by his grandparents Jerry and Joy Cummings also by his mother Vicky Cummings, while as a child Jeremy was always told he would be a preacher that was something he really didn't want to do. As a child he dreamed of becoming an entertainer of some sort, sometimes it was wrestling other times it was singing but preaching was never his first option. He ran from the call to preach all of his life trying to carve out his own path in life, in 2022 Jeremy submitted to The Lord's will and has been preaching The Gospel ever since. Jeremy has admitted he was Saul of Tarsus when it came to certain preachers of The Gospel, but to hear the rest of the story you're going to have to listen to Cummings is Culture available on just about every platform where you can get podcasts!