Jeremy Cummings started the Cummings is Culture podcast in late 2020, the podcast was originally supposed to be talking to interesting people and the dynamics of the show were supposed to be different. Jeremy was born in Sheffield, Alabama on July 19'th 1992, Jeremy grew up in Russellville, Alabama which is the seat of Franklin County. Jeremy was interested in politics from a young age, he grew up wanting to be a professional wrestler but as Jeremy got older so did the dream. Jeremy is what he calls a unashamed Christian and is very open about his love for God and Jesus, in November of 2013 Jeremy married his wife Autumn in a courthouse ceremony in Russellville. Jeremy is very open on the show and discusses the love for his grandparents openly because his grandfather Jerry is the only father figure Jeremy has ever had, Jeremy is especially close with his grandmother Joy and he talks frequently about his grandparents and the life lessons they instilled in him from a young age of going to Church with his grandparents and Sunday School with his grandmother. Jeremy also discusses his mother quite frequently in 1987 his mother was the victim of a violent and vicious attack when a gunman attacked his mother at the then Russellville Church of God. Jeremy's mother survived the attack but she was shot in several places and to this day she still bears the scars physical and emotional of that heinous act. Jeremy is a conservative through and through but does not shy away from pointing the finger at conservatives when they're not being just that, conservative. Jeremy was and still is a major supporter of the M.A.G.A. movement and was a supporter of President Trump's before he ran in 2016, Jeremy is a Nationalist when it comes to the political arena and believes that America is worth fighting for and The Constitution is one of humanity's greatest achievements. Jeremy likes to have open and inclusive dialogue on Cummings is Culture by having several Democrat candidates for different offices on the show, Jeremy may not like the stances of Democrats but he doesn't discourage open and fair conversation. Jeremy uses the tagline "It's not controversial, it's just Culture" to end every show and little did he know the impact that phrase would have because we live in the world of "cancel culture" but like Jeremy says "You can't cancel us, because We Are Culture"